Sunday, January 29, 2006

We were cavers once…and young (IV)

South Wales Weekend (October 2002)

Saturday (Fun day)
Go caving and know the country! Yeah! But be sure that somebody reserved a place for you in one of the cars. Ogof Ffynnon Ddu (OFD) cave has a welsh meaning in its name, maybe different to its meaning in my impressed mind: an amusement park. And again with the perfect guide for a pleasant trip according to our kid’s curiosity (L, L and me) This cave has muggy passages where, if like me you don’t use gloves, your hands could become pottery with little warm. You will be happy in its long tunnels for run, run, and run and run…and fall in the stream underneath if the guide doesn’t stop you.

There I also had my first post-caving enjoyment because there’s no better place for share your cave impressions that a warm pub for put you fast in the best alcoholic mood. I also learned what sleeping in a hut means but the future deserved me more surprises.

Sunday (Work day)
I joined the Tim’s video maker team along with L, T and E. Following a different trip and comparing with that the day before I felt like visiting the roof of the amusement park, ending the trip with the filming of a rescue practice (some caves are crowded). Of course, the presence of all those rescuers couldn’t be ignored and T, E and I decided to make a fast visit to the stream, flowing with the water, running along those black walls made of razor blades up to a fabulous water fall. There I learned other lesson. Why shoulders were made for in a cave. Thanks T!

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