Monday, January 02, 2006

We were cavers once…and young (III)

Mendip Day Trip (October 2002)

Mendip Hills, my first caving in the UK and it was strange, no need of single rope technique (SRT), just helmet, light, suits and wellies. The game that I played: be swallowed by a lobster and, like Jonas in the Bible, escape from its dark interior. Fortunately for that “hell” I had the best Dante’s Virgil personified in the couple R-E. Extra points: As the co-pilot of captain T I had a taste of that other maze that takes you throw Cheddar, Wells, Petty and our hut with the excitement of be travelling in a tight one-line-road-for-two-cars or in the “wrong” side of the road (Shit...what’s doing in the right line that car approaching!!!..oh!, I see, we’re in the left)

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