Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Europa, Jupiter's moon

One day long time ago I read the Gospels in the Bible and found something appealing on them. Then is when I started calling myself Christian. I found that the practice of “love your neighbour as yourself” is an interesting one.

The novel 2010 by Arthur C. Clarke conciliated my trust in the scientific theories of the origin of the universe and life as we know it with my idea of God.

Did Jesus (Isa or Yuz Asaf for Muslims) die in the cross? Gautama Buddha was born around 563 BC. Some people think that Jesus went to India, became a Buddhist and came back to preach in Levant, more precisely in Galilee and Perea. Some other people think that he survived the crucifixion and fled to Afghanistan, Iran and/or Kashmir. Roza Bal is then alleged to be the final tomb of Jesus.

Whatever is the true, something that we know today is that Hezbollah and Israel found themselves fighting in the same land where Jesus was preaching love nearly 2000 years ago.

Yesterday I found myself in a Buddhist centre doing a meditation where we were asked to wish well, in a loving and compassioned way, to three people, someone we love, someone who si only an acquaintance and someone we hate.

Look at Europa, "it has been suggested that life may exist" in an ocean under its ice surface. But even if this is proven to be true, it will not be anything compared to what we have at "home". Shame on us.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


First, some time ago, I got a paper saying I am a chemist. It was the time when intellect was my search.

Then after some years another paper said that I have some mastering of physical chemistry. That was the time of searching my soul.

Now, I have finally submitted my PhD thesis!
That takes me closer to be called a Dr. and I am living a time of creativity.

(But my life-aim is still the same...)

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