Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gym and my love for...

This morning I thought of a good friend. This as a result that I have been trying to go regularly to the gym (as a New Year's resolution ;) and haven't been able to do it. Of course I do other stuff :) Went to the swimming pool, play badminton and indoors football, cycling everyday, etc. But no gym.

Then I thought of my friend and his one or two hours per day in the gym. I wondered "how could he do it" Then I remembered his boyfriend...

Back in Mexico, when I was a kid, I liked one of my neighbours, a pretty but dull girl. I started doing exercise with my mates. It was the age of the challenges and there was an even more powerful motivation: to get the love of someone.

:) Tricky thing to find the motivation to love oneself eh!..

(unless your name is Gargola! ;)

1 comment:

  1. pues si, lo mejor es hacer las cosas para gustarse uno mismo, aunque a veces el gustar a otra persona también nos motive. Por cierto, si vas a la piscina, juegas al fútbol, ¿no consideras eso hacer deporte? Vamos, yo creo que ya no te hace falta ir al gimnasio. Yo es que soy muy vaga y necesito tener a un monitor que me de caña para que mueva un poco el culo, je..je..porque si no me quedo en casa viendo la tele. Besos


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