Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Go toora loora toora loo rye aye (Cold mountain)

Just some more notes about Cold mountain the movie. This morning I was having a look in the bonus material of the DVD. It includes a concert night with the music of the movie where people involved (including actors) sang, played, recited and read.
And that's the point I wanted to stress. I am impress by the movie on its artistic side. I don't know about definitions of spectacular movies my dear seagoddess but Anthony Minghella (same director of The English Patient) and his staff put their heart on the movie.

Well, I have to confess that at the beginning I didn't appreaciate the movie as much as after looking at the bonus material. But let's say that's a risk of our times where we are used to millions invested in spectacular movies. It was listening the director, the actors, following the process of making (in the documentary) and finally the special selection of music, what gain me in favour of the movie.

So the movie is worth to see and the music is part of it. Southern music of USA, a song composed by Sting, T bone burnet as executive producer... Directors I like have always paid attention in the music:

David Lynch-Angelo Badalamenti

Peter Greenaway-Michael Nyman

Win Wenders-U2, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, David Byrne, etc.

Emir Kusturica-Balkans music of the No Smoking Orchestra

Kristof Kieslovsky-Zbigniew Preisner and the music of Blue, White and Red

And there's more...last night I came back from a show of traditional Irish music where everybody had opportunity to shake the body and try dancing in groups. I like and practice salsa but this was different and I think that it's the social part of it. Dancing in groups is good to reaffirm your sense of society. Then just think in the Civil War, a nation torn and the music there to try to keep people together.

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