Saturday, April 23, 2005

The comfortable side of me

I wrote in a personals page:

Romance cannot be's like eating your favourite food every day. It will cease to be your favourite. Then, even when we find our perfect partner, the relationship should be enriched by the common and routine things.

And a routine life with someone needs a good communication...and communication is usually achieved sharing an activity. Then some days ago I decided that looking for an activity partner should be a first step. Instead of looking for my "princess" in a first instance! Get to know someone doing something that we both like. And I chose salsa! But it could be something else...Would you like to try?

Why salsa? Well, if you like dancing I can guarantee it will be fun!

But it doesn't need to be dancing...from having a tea/coffe/ale/wine in a cosy place to cycling in the woods...including playing badminton or squash, I am open to what our mood can decide.

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