Friday, April 29, 2005

Hope and sights

A German friend of mine commented me about what might happened in Germany with rainbows. They disappered! This was during WWII.

This reminds me that sometimes we are blind because we don't want to see. Not because something doesn't exist.

The first time I thought about it was while reading about the following situation:

You never have seen a cat in your city and one day you have an excited discussion about cats with someone. Suddenly in the next days you start bumping into cats...more cats than never ever in your life.

Or you never see someone you know but one day a third person and you are talking loads about that someone. In the next days you will see this someone everywhere you go.

Who was writting about this asked then: Are we summoning things and persons when we talk about them? Or it is just that they were always there but, suddenly, the mention of them makes us to be aware of their presence.

So maybe on those days people in Germany were not able to summon hope, or they couldn't see their hope because their minds and eyes were busy...

As John Lennon sang to his son... "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".

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