Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dining and the aftermath

Let me tell you about a fantasy where we are having dinner in a restaurant. We have been dating each other a couple of times and it seems that we like each other…but nothing more had happened yet. You are wearing a skirt and how it stretches to your legs was the first thing I noticed when I saw you. The dinner and the chat have made me forget about it. But when you came from the loo I can’t help but notice it again. This is the after dinner, I fill your cup of wine and while I observe your lips touching the cup unconsciously I move one of my legs. It finds in its way yours and my reflex retracts it. You look at me and smile. I smile and move again my leg between your legs. This time very consciously we play. You trapped my leg and I try smoothly to get it free. Then I use my other leg to trap yours! We are twisted.

Later in the cinema my hand finds your thigh and adventures a slight caress. I see you smiling. We will have our first kiss and more caresses will follow from both of us. We are getting hot and on the way to your place our hands are learning to explore each other bodies. It excites me that we have been in public places but we had managed to be discreet but intimate at the same time.

In you room I am embracing you. While I told you all my thoughts about your skirt in the restaurant I start to take it off…but I only undo the zip…It turns me on the feeling on my hand of your legs with the skirt. I offer you a massage in the bed. You want to remove your cloths but I tell you it’s not necessary. I will take care of them later...

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