Wednesday, December 14, 2005

...until it is lost.

Relationships can be a mess...but thanks to that one has the opportunity to learn a thing or two to improve them.

I read this girl regretting that her boyfriend never have given her a birthday present...

Her entry inspired me the following comment:

It's certainly sad that one cannot be our partner’s priority…but I learned that when I broke up with mine. I used to say that my work had more priority than her because it will provide us with a future. And now we don’t have a future together. That’s why it comes to my mind the following: Tell him that you understand the difficulties on thinking about presents and giving importance to some moments in the life of a relationship. Then tell him that you read about this guy (me) who overcomes those difficulties thinking: “How life can be if my partner dies tomorrow? Would I regret not having done something with her? Would I have liked to give her something or tell her something?
The idea is that one does not appreciate what we have until we have lost it.  

1 comment:

  1. Por desgracia es verdad que uno no se da cuenta de lo que tiene hasta que lo pierde, pero por desgracia nadie en esta vida es irreemplazable, ni si quiera tu pareja. Me encantaría encontrar a una persona con la que el sentimiento de que esa persona es la perfecta dure hasta el infinito, pero por desgracia es un sentimiento que suelo perder con el tiempo, sé que si algún día esa persona me falta, vendrá otra, y no hablo de que esta persona se muera, sino de algo tan sencillo como que se acabe el amor. Por lo menos sé que estoy con una persona porque le quiero, pero también sé que si algún día dejo de quererle, puer me iré...Joder, qué duro suena pero es que es así. Yo soy así. Besos.


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