Friday, September 02, 2005


I had the most exciting beginning of the day today! In the last month I have had trouble getting to bed and therefore waking up early. But this morning I needed to get to work early so I had to do something. Battling against my duvet and the alarm clock I had an epiphany: Let’s play Calvinball!

For those of you that know it, Calvinball is the best game ever! Especially for a procrastinator and game-seeker like me, he he!

I am sorry I cannot explain here the rules of the game (but feel free to visit the links above!) Everything started with the rule “Get ready to leave and prepare something to take for breakfast in the office in 10 minutes”. In between I passed an exercising zone so I had to do 20 push-ups. There was a corollary zone that demanded squeezing a ball 5 times while running to the kitchen ha ha! That started to be fun, specially when my housemate, without knowing about the game, set up the next rule!

Follow me in the bike!!! Wow!! That was exciting as my house mate is one of those bikers who likes to squeeze in the traffic whenever he can.

Now let’s see what new rules and zones the rest of the day have for us!!!

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