Monday, February 25, 2008

"It's less important to get a good answer than to get someone to listen to your question in the first place"

At least that seems to apply to millions of people on the Web as Jacob Leibenluft finds in his article:

A Librarian's Worst Nightmare. Yahoo! Answers, where 120 million users can be wrong.

Also worth to notice is his comparison with the Wikipedia model.

I made the above video clip from still pictures of the total lunar eclipse on February 20, 2008.


  1. BTW, it's the first time I hear about Yahoo Answers

  2. Thanks man! It's amazing how simple it was to make the video clip. It was more difficult to stand in the cold while taking the pictures =) In a sense, good for you you haven't heard of Yahoo Answers but extrapolating from the article you might see it appearing in your Google searches more and more.


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